inventi Iced Coffee TV Offer

Naturally Delicious Gourmet Roasted Coffee

inventi is a blend of 100% premium roasted, gourmet coffee from around the world.  Each bottle of inventi contains about 25 servings of naturally delicious coffee, delivered straight to your door in our proprietary pressurized Barista Bottle.  Now you can be your own barista, anytime, anywhere.  At home, at the office or on the go, inventi lets you make your own unique coffee creations, just the way YOU like.  You control the flavors and the calories.  inventi is SIMPLE, EASY and FUN!

The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have with Coffee

Use inventi to make your favorite iced coffee drinks, frozen frappe coffee drinks, coffee cocktails, hot coffee drinks, and so much more.  You can even cook with it!  Add inventi to your favorite brownie mix, cake batter or make a creamy coffee ice cream dessert right at home.  Not only is inventi a huge savings over those expensive gourmet coffee house drinks, but inventi is a naturally delicious, gourmet blend of premium roasted coffee, with no preservatives and naturally sweetened with Stevia.  Now you can make your favorite coffee drinks at home that are  much lower in fat and calories too!  And inventi doesn’t require refrigeration, so you can take it with you everywhere you go!

inventi Iced Coffee

Take the Iced Coffee Challenge Today

And for a limited time, as part of a nationwide TV offer, we’ll send you a FREE bottle of inventi in any one of four fabulous flavors, just for taking the Iced Coffee Challenge!  That’s 25 servings of our premium iced coffee concentrate, just pay processing and handling. But this offer won’t last forever, so ORDER TODAY!





Get Your Free Bottle Today



For a limited time, as part of a nationwide trial, we’ll send you a bottle of inventi just for taking the Iced Coffee Challenge! Log on to to view this very Special Offer. Inventi is available in four fabulous flavors; Mocha, Caramel, Original Vanilla and Unsweetened. Just add milk or water, then ice, to enjoy a delicious iced coffee at home, at the office or on the go. It’s THAT simple, THAT easy! Order today and we’ll include a FREE Recipe Book with over 100 Amazing Coffee Creations, just for taking the Iced Coffee Challenge.